Artist Antonino Gambino title CAOS ( yellow and purple)

Pencil, charcoal, pastel, acrylic, oil, wax, or … … …;dance, portrait, landscape, still life, Da Vinci, Albert, or … … … ….I simply “caos”, life is a “shambles”, each is no longer in his place, there is more order. Everyone knows do everything, but everything is the opposite of anything. I simply “caos”, this my work for the month of January, with good vision. Work original

Title of work Caos(yellow and purplr)

Size of work ( either cm or inches) cm.80×85

Style Abstract

Technique, Medium & material used inlay od wood

Date work was completed November 2013

3 Comments on “Artist Antonino Gambino title CAOS ( yellow and purple)”

  1. Thanks so much for your submission. This composition can be viewed from a “macro” view and then it could appear to be a city in chaos – tipped buildings and crooked streets! Or it could also be seen as a “micro” view – the magnification of an interrupted cell perhaps or a shard of colored glass. Your art language is strong and your technique and skill in working with this media are top of the line! Congratulations! And I look forward to seeing more of your art works!

  2. Caos with a beautiful pattern that becomes evident as the eye detects three circular patterns which hold the composition together in a rhythmic display of light and color. This is a work of lasting impact and perfection in technique.

  3. A very nice mix of materials and textures. A huge amount of movement created by the vibrant colours and textures. Well balanced and clearly huge attention to detail has been taken. I’m a big fan of geometric art so this scores big. Wouldn’t give to many marks for originality, but who cares; if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…

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