Artist Diane Szczepaniak title Escaping Light No.4

I paint many rectangles of different colors as if they are tiny rooms of light. The size of the rectangles vary in size as they follow the path of the row and column. Because the rectangles or squares grow or shrink the path wavers. Colors are chosen by instinct of what colors I want to see next .

Title of work Maryland USA
Size of work ( either cm or inches) Escaping Light No. 4, 2014

Style Watercolor on paper
Technique, Medium & material used 42″x 35″

Date work was completed current year)
jAN 2014

3 Comments on “Artist Diane Szczepaniak title Escaping Light No.4”

  1. Thank you for your submission. I love that you are following your creative process and choosing in the moment what comes next. For this reason, your painting takes on a quintessential form that is filled with possibilities for the viewers to recognize. Your art language is authentic as seen by the confidence of your mark making. I look forward to seeing more of your art works.

  2. This work is an interesting array as it presents a non static composition that vibrates or resonates throughout the piece. It is intriguing in the sense that it prompts the viewer to create an image within the piece. It also presents the viewer with a reference to your title, imagining what the effect would be if some of the squares in part were revealed as penetration the boundary of the border ,escaping the white of the paper.

  3. A very visually moving piece. My sort of art. The distribution of colour creates movement, as well as the organic lines created by the irregular size and shape of the colour boxes. A delicate and intricate piece.

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