Artist Puskin EH

My new painting, ‘Reasons to Life’ is created from inspirations by listening the ceaseless soaring echoes of a highway near my studio- a random subject, selected as a ‘DA VINCI’S TECHNIQUE/METHOD’. The goring and horns from the vehicles, especially during the night is a curious activity if a reason or answer behind it. The listener has every freedom to imagine for a theory about the activity in different ways as philosophical and unprejudiced. My pictorial/subjective method on this matter is that, modern ‘antediluvian’ animals passing through the highway violently as chasing each other interminably. This thought is just an imagination but a reality in it as that, most of the moving machines run by fossil fuels especially petroleum- a bio substance, seasoned by time from animals and plants. The modern human civilization is practically amended to technologies run by fossil fuels and automobiles are the impartible companions to man’s daily life. The character in this painting supposedly rejects some massive weights of fossil fuels placing on him- which he had not asked or wished- but the nature placing those on him deliberately and violently. The nature purposely adopted and brilliantly designed human beings as an enormous ‘consumer’ to stabilize its bio symmetry and constructed and adjusted human brain and body inaudibly and efficiently for creating and constructing technologies powered by fossil fuels- its basic elements or possessions littered beneath for millions of years in unconventional forms. You cannot keep aside a single object untouched by fossil fuels in the modern life and you definitely buy more cosmetics, made with the support of fossil fuels than poetry during your entire life.

Title of work ‘Reasons to Life’

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 40cm X 26.6cm

Style Expressionism

Technique, Medium & material used Multi Medium

Date work was completed 2014

2 Comments on “Artist Puskin EH”

  1. Your technique is flawless and the composition is beautifully balanced and brilliant in the luminous contrast of the yellow over gray tones. Even without your statement your message is clear. This piece was fathered by a wonderful, inventive mind. The work is as creative as it is flawless.

  2. Thank you for your submission. This is immediately recognized as a piece of art that states the truth about our environmental crises. Because you have placed the man the pipe and the overflowing tractor box of oil on a subdued background, this makes these images especially prominent. The composition is really strong and this is a very powerful painting. (Also I am sorry to hear that you have traffic noise in the night. I once lived in the inner city and somehow I think artists do experience all things possible for our art…. maybe a more peaceful country setting is coming along!) I look forward always to seeing more of your art works!

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