Artist Susie McKay Krieser

Continuing with my “Da Vinci” experiment, working with sponge rollers, this time I also used sponge paint brushes, to paint the fringe and a part of the boots. I feel like this process is really freeing me up to move more quickly, and to experience a looser style of painting, which has been a lot of fun! I still continue to mix all of my own colors, as that is one of the things which feeds my soul. I love the juxtaposition of colors!

Title of work Now What

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 183 cm X 91 cm/ 72 in X 36 in

Style Contemporary Figurative

Technique, Medium & material used Acrylic on Canvas

Date work was completed January 25, 2014

2 Comments on “Artist Susie McKay Krieser”

  1. Thanks so much for your submission. It is really exciting for me to view your progression as you move forward in your technique of using sponge rollers and sponge paint brushes. Your art language is strengthening with each new art work. Again, I love the accessibility of this figure in that her lower leg and arm and part of her hand is off the edge putting the viewer right into the painting. This is an intimate and easily accessible art work. Like the fringe! And the red lips add just enough detail! Great work! Looking forward to seeing more of your art work.

  2. Your technique has evolved and indicates you have a complete confidence in your use of the sponge rollers and brushes. The composition is a wonderful display of contrasts in light and color defining the figure and creating interesting segments of space. I am somewhat distracted from the figure by the strong definition of the base of the chair. When I neutralize the impact of the chair base in my mind the entire composition comes together.

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