Artist Vered Terry

Jordan Valley has been a controversial issue lately. Parts of the land are off limit It is out of my comfort zone with or without political stumbling block anyway. I checked it about a year ago, I did a series of painting from the Jordan Valley. It was fascinating like drinking stolen waters, but still, i felt alien, like being taken into a biblical land in biblical times. Now – second round – thought I’d feel more at ease with this harsh desert. (I did 4 new paintings so far) In some aspects I did. It was not as foreign as in shapes and colors and directions of the wind, but there is still this detachedness like I was approaching the wrong side of a magnet.. Perhaps it should be this way. This is not home. i think they are good paintings and deserve a good place.

Title of work Second ride in the Jordan Valley

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 40X40cm each

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc) landscape

Technique, Medium & material used oil on canvas

Date work was completed December 13 – January 14

3 Comments on “Artist Vered Terry”

  1. The land in each piece is alone, void of people, a no mans land and your feelings about it are well expressed in the paint. This last piece intrigues me the most as I feel your mood in this creation has made greater awareness of movement throughout the composition. the sky and the land find a balance in rhythm and harmony in color as though you overcame the feeling of being alien. It expresses that which is within you and as always your technique and style are very notably well expressed.

  2. Thanks so much for submitting these paintings. Technically your use of oil is excellent and these compositions are strong compositions. The feelings of isolation are evident within each art work as you intended. I look forward to your next submissions!

  3. An incredibly striking piece. The textures and tones of the sky lend a dark, moody feel to the painting, as is the intention of the artist. This is bolstered by the blurry, wasteland-like landscape below, consisting of scrubland and a tree seemingly blowing in the wind. The lack of definition and composition in the bottom left hand corner (is that where the road meets the verge?), slightly sullies an otherwise excellent piece.

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