Coast To coast by Joseph Hare

Traveling from coast to coast the sun set’s are the most moving to me, the color and the contrast of objects along the coast gives a promise of the next days wonders..

Title of work Coast To Coast

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 18 by 24 inches

Style Expression

Technique, Medium & material used mixed

Date work was completed 1/18/2014

3 Comments on “Coast To coast by Joseph Hare”

  1. The subject matter is interesting and the technique is skilled. The colors and linear affects show me a promise of a great composition, but diminished by the apparent equality in strength of all the images resulting in too much of a segregation of the individual images. Reducing the strength of select images by introducing more tonal values would enhance the depth perspective and unify the image into one composition bringing more rhythm and balance to the composition.

  2. Thank you for your submission. I like the idea of the sun as a unifying factor within this composition. I feel you have many paintings together within one painting and when I look at them individually they are really excellent. I agree with Peter’s comment and also you may consider overlapping the images to form a clear line of rhythm through unification and contrasting tones. I do feel the sense of promise of the next day’s wonders! I look forward to seeing your next submission.

  3. An interesting composition of the 4 images. The pine tree is particularly striking. It is difficult to tell the materials, technique from the computer. More information would be good… The overall theme of sunset doesn’t really come across in each individual image, despite the good use of colour across the whole piece. Technically the textures, perspectives and detailing are very good in each separate image.

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