Picture-framer by Stephen Kaldor

The Picture-framer is the latest member of a series of paintings I call people scapes. The series is about people in various situations, locations performing (or not performing) tasks of their choice. Whatever else I may be working on, I return to this series from time to time. The message is the same, in these paintings is a subjective commentary of the human condition.

Title of work “The Picture-framer”

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 30″ X 24″

Style Realism

Technique, Medium & material used Oilon canvas

Date work was completed January 2014

3 Comments on “Picture-framer by Stephen Kaldor”

  1. Thank you for your submission. This painting carries a depth of mood which really goes beyond your expert technical skills in working with oil on canvas. I like the use of the shadow and how his leg and other shoe are dissolved in the shadow. There is a weariness within this man but the message is clear that he is a talented framer. Congratulations on your completed painting. I hope to see more of your art works!

  2. As always your technique is excellent with vivid contrasts and light values defining a composition that is in keeping with the stark reality of the subject. The use of the image within the frame intrigues the viewer’s imagination as to the realities of the human condition. Very well done.

  3. A great piece. The subject has real character to him. The pose, attire, background and expression on the face instantly say there’s a story there. Parts of the painting are almost photorealistic; a testament to the technique and colour used.

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