Rhapsody in D minor Revisited 2013 by Jeanette Luchese

This piece is an expression of movement and vibrations created spontaneously within interests of identity and perception, exposing what is hidden. It is an original piece, not available for sale at this time.

Title of work Rhapsody in D minor_revisited 2013

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 36″ x 36″

Style Expressionistic Abstraction

Technique, Medium & material used Acrylic, cold wax, pastels on gallery canvas

Date work: 2013

5 Comments on “Rhapsody in D minor Revisited 2013 by Jeanette Luchese”

  1. Hello Jeanette, Thank you for your submission. Please respond with the date the art work was completed in the comment box below. Regrets for any omissions or errors on our part and looking forward to receiving this date of actual completion.

  2. Hi Laara thank you for asking for more info, the year completed is 2013. The reason it is named “Rhapsody in D minor Revisited 2013” is because since 2009 when it was originally started it never was finished until I returned home from Italy last year and it just compelled me to take it on and what you see is the result. I hope that isn’t too much info, but I do find that interesting since it never has happen before. So not to worry you do have all the information above. Thank you for all that you do.

  3. The drawing, texture, hatching and blocks of color combine to make this an exceptional composition. The eye easily travels through the melodious composition yet is drawn to the details spun throughout the piece. Rhapsody is the right word in describing the visual ride the viewer embarks upon when viewing this work.

  4. Thank you for your submission. This composition has both mystery and fascination. The warm textured orange layers and the pops of blue provide a “push pull” rhythm. The layers of sketching and mark making offers the viewer a sense of the ancient bones of memory or perhaps a skeleton of a future truth. Well done and I look forward to seeing more of your submitted art works in the future!

  5. Thank you Peter and Laara for your kind comments to my work, it is alway inspiring and gives me strength to continue when others are touch in some way by my humble offerings.

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