The Heroine’s Journey by Tale Neeman-Sabo

Tali Neeman-Sabo
The Heroine’s Journey
An emotional journey.
series of digital works, part 3.
To see the whole series

This work is part of a series of 6. About an emotional journey. The image is made of photos taken in the artist studio combined with the artist’s paintings and other digital images.

Title of work The Heroine’s journey – series, part 3

Size of work ( either cm or inches) Digital File

Style Abstract Expressionism

Technique, Medium & material used Photos, objects, Photoshop work

Date work was completed July 2013

2 Comments on “The Heroine’s Journey by Tale Neeman-Sabo”

  1. Such an interesting combination of colors and light give this work an ethereal affect as though it gives the impression of the beginning of a life form. Energy permeates the entire composition centered around what I see as an outstretched arm as though it was reaching to touch it’s source. The digital expression is amazing. The entire composition, in the manner with which it is segmented with shapes and color, comes together very well.

  2. Thank you for your submission. This composition is eloquent and powerful in its simplicity. The balance of cool and warm tones directs the viewers eye to the tip of the tiny hand reaching out! Personally, I see it as a birthing and a recognition of female energy and strength. Truly a “Heroine’s Journey.” I congratulate you on the creativity and message within your art work. I hope to see more of your art works in the future.

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