The Mask by Mike Halem

Burning Man scene .

Title of work The Mask

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 24 x 36 inches

Style: Expressionism

Technique, Medium & material used Acrylic on canvas

Date work was completed Dec 2013

3 Comments on “The Mask by Mike Halem”

  1. I would love to read the story behind this creation. It’s a captivating scene motivating the viewers thoughts about the artist’s concept. The composition is interestingly balance with the three figures. The contrast of the warm hues of the desert landscape with the cool hues of the mask and headed dress push the central figure out of the picture adding to the overall impact of the composition. The technique and atmospheric perspective create significant depth and subtly create a flow through the work that interests the viewer in looking beyond the figure taking in the entire canvas.

  2. Thank you for your submission. The warmth of the desert and the cool colors of the clothing, scarf and parts of the mask are an interesting contrast. The cool colors seem to move outward rather than recede which is more usual. This gives importance to these areas and a sense of separation. There is also a rather medieval quality to the mask; something within this painting that resonates deeply, a lost memory, a sense of desperation or torture. The figure could be either man or woman but the suffering is universal. This is a memorable piece of art work! I look forward to seeing more of your creations!

  3. A very striking piece. Great use of colour, tone and texture. A very intriguing scene and very emotive. The black eye and mouth-holes in the mask provide an incredibly strong contrast to the background, creating mystery behind the mask, in addition to the mood set by the tones and composition.

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