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In Memory of Shiho Kanzaki Japanese ceramic potter (1942-2018)

Shiho Kanzaki, also known as the “Anagama potter,” was a Japanese ceramic master who dedicated his life to perfecting the ancient technique of wood-fired pottery. Born in 1942 in Shigaraki, Japan.

Sunil Vilas, an international art dealer, sat down with Peruvian ceramic artist Herminia Haro Guzman for an exclusive interview. The conversation touched on a wide range of topics related to art, culture, and creativity, providing a fascinating insight into the mind of this talented artist.

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The sensation of flight – expressing the movement of grace, athleticism and style

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“Great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together” – Vincent Van Gogh

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WHY DO YOU BUY A WORK OF ART? For LOVE.., Statues Symbol.., Investment or for the Ultimate Luxury item to Collection

ICAS ART MAGAZINE – special issue

Our issue features sensational new stories, and life articles, with exclusive VIP interviews with Shiho Kanzaki, a Japanese ceramic artist, following the careers of top leading artists from around the world.

ICAS ART Magazine quarterly publication first special issue, September – December 2018.

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