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The Story of SCYLLA

Scylla was once a beautiful, innocent creature, beloved and favourite of all the water nymphs. She loved to bathe in the pools by the sea side, combing her long hair with the nymphs’ combs and prattling to them about the men whom she had evaded. The nymphs, who had their own fair share of unwanted attention from men, tried to warn Scylla that people could become aggressive when they were in love, but the young maiden remained light-hearted and careless. She sunned herself on the beaches without any clothes and luxuriated in the tide pools. When Glaucus a fisherman saw Scylla, it was love at first sight to the gain her attention he went to Sorceress Circe to ask her for a love spell, Circe became jealous of his love and instead cursed Scylla water nymph into a ferocious sea monster.

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