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Why does the art of ancient Greece still shape our world?

Amphitrite a Greek goddess, one of several who ruled the seas. Originally, she was known as the wife of sea-god Poseidon, but over time, she was set aside as merely his mistress.

A beautiful goddess, she was the daughter of Nereus, a minor sea god, and Doris, a sea nymph. And ancient Greek poet wrote that Poseidon saw her dancing and fell in love with her. Being the God of the Seas, he assumed that he could just carry her off, but she escaped his clutches and ran away, swimming far across the seas to the very end of the water, where there was a place called Atlas.

Amphitrite hid there for some time, but Poseidon was not to be denied. He hunted for her under every barnacle and bit of seaweed, searching among the fishes and sea creatures for his lost love. Frustrated at not being able to find her, he sent the dolphin-god Delphin eventually tracked her down and persuaded her to return to wed the sea-king.

ARTIST: Oleksii Gnievyshev

Title: The Legend of Amphitrite

Medium: Original Acrylic on canvas

Size: 120cm x 100cm


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