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Art in the World’s First Garden City

Art in the World’s First Garden City – Upcoming Galleries, Exhibitions & Events AWAKENING ART 2021 SPECIAL COLLECTORS LIMITED EDITION PRINT NOW AVAILABLE. The art movement of the Letchworth Garden city series Celebrating the Life of British Impressionist Avant-Garde landscape painter. Spencer Frederick Gore (1878-1914) FOR MORE INFO:…/ SHOP ONLINE ICAS ART GALLERY,  […]

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International art exhibitions 2020

Art exhibitions around the World INSPIRATION 2020 ” HORSES CARRY THE WISDOM OF HEALING IN THEIR HEARTS AND OFFER IT TO ANY HUMAN WHO POSSES THE HUMILITY TO LISTEN.” The Story of Equestrian art JOHN W. MILLS British Sculptor  Sensation of flight ”Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment” JOHN […]

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March 2022 – in the CREATIVE LOUNGE

HELLO MARCH 2022 **LET THERE BE LOVE IN OUR HEARTS.., HARMONY IN OUR HOMES AND   PEACE IN OUR WORLD** **With every Breath we take., we fill with Love. Forgiveness, & Compassion from our Heart…., share this wonderful experience with our global family. ** BEGIN EACH MORNING BY CONNECTING TO OUR BREATH INHALE…, TO AWAKE ALL […]

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