September 2013 “REFLECTIONS”

icas monthly theme reflections2Welcome to Globalization ICAS monthly theme exhibition – REFLECTIONS, we are proud to showcase some of finest ART works completed by our members for their entry to our nineth exhibition .

We welcome your feedback and comments or if you would like to take part in our future exhibitions.

To enjoy a complete presentation of artwork submitted by members of the group simply click the image to view larger image.


The PLAUTE PICASSO AWARDThe prestigious award for the month.

This will be presented to the artist who continues to show high standard of work, develop his / her own style and master of their skills in the chosen medium and technique, look at innovative ways to execute his / her completed art thereby become an inspiration to our future generation of new emerging artists.

It give me great pleasure to confirm our award for excellence to be present to HERMINIA HARO GUZMAN  for her accomplishment for her works in Peruvian ceramic pottery art  and for positive efforts she constantly strides to produce as exquisite pieces for our monthly theme exhibition

Congratulation to you Herminia !!

BEST IN SHOW – Vered Terry

BEST REALISM – Lesley Oldakar   


MERIT AWARD – 2nd  J. P. Canale

BEST ABSTRACT – Martina Caffrey Shannon   

ABSTRACT MERIT AWARD – 2nd John Stolzfus




BEST EXPRESSIONISM – Lesley Oldakar   


Thank you to this month’s Panel of Jurors – Mona, Laara,, Renee, Nectar and Peter for completing an excellent job, we had  of some of the finest submission of work from around the globe totalling  20 entries. We open our exhibition for you to enjoy and appreciate the views and comments made by our Jurors.

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vered terry

Vered Terry

Fine Art Painter

congrats sweet Herminia for the award, you surely are gooooooooooood, i know it, we all know it, with or without the official recognition.


Peter Filzmaier

Peter Filzmaier

Artist at Filzmaier Studio

Congratulations to all the winners and to all the exhibitors for the quality of their work.

Herminia Haro

Herminia Haro

Independiente at Taller propio

What a nice surprise! I’m so proud to receive the Plaute Picasso Award. Thank you so much Jurors. I really think we all are winners and growing inside ICAS family.

Sunil Vilas

Sunil Vilas

Founder / Managing Director / Art Dealer, ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

Vered , Peter & Herminia.., – Welcome to our Founder members to creative lounge..,

We all need acknowledgement from time to time., reassurance as artists we are moving in the right direction or sometimes to be comforted when our spirits are low..,

This had lead us to created our Globalization ICAS awards schemes., With every development of moving forward I have always consulted my deeper consciousness by meditating for days wanting to understand the long Vision and benefits to all the members before making our announcement ..,. Now hoping that our scheme will achieve its purpose to acknowledge each artists for their achievement thereby enabling each artist to continue their work moving towards their full potential creating ART beyond their wildest imagination that will lead to one day, when their work will hang in National galleries / Museums or other prestigious places as inspiration Works of ART around the GLOBE as recognition also for all their hard work.., Each artists has the potential to make this dream come true for them as GICAS artists

Edgar Plaute

Edgar Plaute

Seniors Maschinenbauingenieur, fine art craftsman “Der Andere Linolschnitt” linocuts multi-colored, spatula stone&tiles

Ich beglückwünsche alle “Plaute-Picasso-Award” Gewinner von ganzem Herzen … dass Vered wieder einmal “den Vogel abschießen” würde, wie man bei uns sagt, war zu erwarten … ein “linocut” wie ich spürt das im vorhinein, sodass sich die Juroren die ganze Arbeit weitgehend ersparen hätten können … aber auch Lesley und die anderen gehören zu den Spitzenreitern … wie wird das unter der Schirmherrschaft von Leonardo da Vinci weitergehen? … Leonardo der große Künstler, das große Genie und der große Wahnsinn … der sein ganzes Leben lang nie eine Frau an seiner Seite hatte … ich glaube auch sagen zu können, warum … er wollte vermeiden sich eine Xanthippe ersparen, die ihrem Sokrates einen vollen Nachttopf über den Kopf gossen … I’m a linocut – and you?

I congratulate all “Plaute-Picasso-Award” winners with all my heart … Vered that would once again “shoot the bird” as the saying goes here, could be expected … a “linocut” I feels that in advance, so that the jurors were largely spared nearly the whole work … but Lesley and the others belong to the front-runners … how will this go on under the patronage of Leonardo da Vinci? … Leonardo the greatest artists of all time, the greatest genius of all time and the greatest madness of all time … of his life, never had a woman at his side … I think also to say why … he feared a shrew who poured her Socrates a full chamber pot over his head … I’m a linocut – and you?

Pablo Hernandez

Pablo Hernandez

Excellent Sunil! and thank you so much for still promote, our art work

Sunil Vilas

Sunil Vilas

Founder / Managing Director / Art Dealer, ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

Pablo – Welcome to our creative lounge always a pleasure to hear from one of our founder members.., Pablo I thank you for your comments..,

This all is what we do Best!!! The one thing that holds us together is or passion and drive for ARTs. As members of one Globalization ICAS family we have created this wonderful Organisation that will continue to grow and be here beyond our time as a symbol of inspiration for the future generation of artists especially the new emerging artists around the Globe to be guided through their test of time to become the Best in their field..,

John Stoltzfus

John Stoltzfus

Mechanical Equipment Designer

Thanks to the Judges 🙂

icas monthly theme reflections awards



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