June 2013 “ELEMENTS”

Welcome to Globalization ICAS monthly theme exhibition – ELEMENTS,  we are proud to showcase some of finest ART works completed by our members for their entry to our Sixth exhibition . We welcome your feedback and comments or if you would like to take part in our future exhibitions.

To enjoy a complete presentation of artwork submitted by members of the group simply click the image to view larger image.

June elements



contact: SUNIL VILAS

email: sunilvilas@vilascollection.co.uk or globalizationicas@gmail.com

July monthly  theme exhibition

July monthly theme exhibition


Best in Show   Suze Woolf  Best realism Suze Woolf

Realism Merit  Award  Stephen Kaldor

Best In Sculpture Panteleimon Souranis

Best Expressionism  Ferdinand

Expressionism Merit Awards  Vered Terry

Second  – E. H. Pushkin

Best Abstract  Durand Seay

Abstract Merit Awards  Chris Wood ,

Second –  Guy Brock

Third    –  Yosef Reznikov

Thank you to all the panel of jurists – Renee, Renata, and Peter for completing an excellent job, we had submission of work from around the globe with total of 30 entries, the quality of work submitted every month is getting better and better. The awards to select the best in each category is beginning to get very close therefore it would useful for every member entering our monthly theme exhibitions to note the following for our future exhibition.

  1. Only work completed in the last 12 month would be accepted as a entry;
  2. complete our online application fully answering all the questions, limiting your words but still giving full explanation of your entry;
  3. provide the best quality image as a good resolution image as the panel of jurors have to mark your work without seeing the original artwork;
  4. It is very important to have the Title. Dimension. Medium and your reason of why you selected the work to entry our themed exhibition;



Globalization icas logo

Sunil Vilas • Ruth welcome to our monthly theme exhibitions currently we do not have a format to entertain 2D images but hope overtime we would be able to accommodate all format in our exhibition. If you believe panel of jury will be able to view your work properly than please proceed by submitting your first work. Good luck

Edgar Plaute 

Edgar Plaute • danke Sunil und guten Morgen, servus Peter … ich werde gerne wieder mitmachen, denn es hilft mir künstlerisch und technisch großartig … für mein Juni-Bild bin ich noch beim Recherchieren, denn eine solche innerliche Vorbereitung ist bereits das “halbe” Bild … ich arbeite in zwei Richtungen … gespachtelte Fliesen einerseits und Linoldrucke andererseits und eine Kombination der beiden Techniken … ich weiß, dass mit “veralteten” Linoldruck sogar viele Fachleute wenig anfangen können … ein Picasso und ein Dave Milne möchte ich großartige Linocuter bezeichnen … aber sie sind tot und mit ihnen scheint auch der Linoldruck ziemlich gestorben zu sein … denn ich habe noch keinen aktiven lebenden Linolschneider gefunden … aber ich werde mich trotzdem weiter entwickeln …

… meinen heutiger Kommentar ist daher ein neuerlicher Aufruf … Linoldrucker und linocuter zeigt euch … Linoldrucke haben Chancen weit über das vorige Jahrhundert hinaus … es gibt viele würdige Nachfolger Picassos und Milnes auch heute und in der Zukunft … dazu gehören auch die Galeristen und Händler, die diesem Genre einen besseren Platz einräumen mögen …

… wir hatten eine vergangene Wochen eine lokale Bilderausstellung … Linoldrucke fanden einen interessanten Kommentar … “diese Bilder schauen viel besser aus als die Linoldrucke unserer Kindheit” …

in my English:

thank you and good morning Sunil and Peter servus … I would like to get involved again, because it helps me artistically and technically great … for my June-picture, I’m still in the works, because a good inner preparation is already the “half” picture … I work in two directions … furnacing tiles and linoleum prints on the one hand and on the other hand am going to combine these two techniques … I know that with the “outdated” linocut even many professionals can not do much … a Picasso and a Dave Milne I would call great Linocuter … but they are dead, and with them also the lino seems to be quite dead … for I have no active living Linolschneider found … but that does not prevent me from me to develop anyway …

… my comment today is therefore a renewed call … Linoldrucker and linocuter show you … linocuts have opportunities far beyond the previous century also … there are many worthy successor Picasso and Milnes today and in the future … these includes the gallery owners and dealers that may give the genre a better place in their hearts and expenses … in the last row at the back are looking no customers! …

… we had in the past few weeks, a local art exhibition … linocuts found an interesting comment … “These pictures look much better than the linocuts of our childhood” …

Servus aus Hallein nahe Salzburg

Martha De Cunha Maluf-Burgman 

Martha De Cunha Maluf-Burgman • Dear Sunil, I”ve alredy submitted my painting and completed the registration form. Have a nice day!. Martha

Sunil Vilas • Good morning Edgar and Martha always a pleasure to hear from our members. Even better to hear from members to actively support our programs. Our way to confirm your approval that we are doing something right.

Renee Brown 

Renee Brown • Hello Sunil, I submitted my application however the website is not correct
http://www.art-spaces.com/reneebrown, the piece I would like to submit is not on the site
presently. Where do I send it?

Sunil Vilas • Good Morning Renee It’s a lovely pleasure to hear from you.., hope all is well with you?

Thank you for joining our monthly theme exhibition to complete the process, You’ll need to download onto our Facebook account.., kindly click our direct link below


We recommend that you join, once completing your entry you also visit Globalization ICAS Facebook page below and click LIKE button to become a listed member of the group


or email globalizationicas@gmail.com

Kevin Geary

Kevin Geary • Dear Sunil, I deleted my facebook account ages ago (and have lived to tell the tale!) I love living without facebook (and love LinkedIn) so, why does one have to enter a competition only through facebook, when I’m on LinkedIn and have no facebook account?

Sunil Vilas • Good morning Kevin welcome to our Creative lounge, thank you for your feedback. You are welcome to join our monthly theme exhibition juried by our panel of International artists by filling our online application form
confirming the arrangement to submit your image of the artwork via our email address:
email globalizationicas@gmail.com
Look forward to your active participation in our theme exhibition.
Have a pleasant weekend!!!

Renée Sigel

Renée Sigel  •  Please can all artists submitting take care to submit works done this year only. Many of you submit works dated to previous years. Also can you please be sure to submit images of a decent size to make adjudication easier for jurors as tiny images make it pointless. Please add descriptions and check spelling and grammar before your final upload. Reading errors in the submission texts are very annoying and unnecessary.

Thank you all for submitting I look forward to this month’s group exhibition.

Mario Sostre

Mario Sostre  •  Question,which is your submission date,because I just got this email.The date on your advertisment is: “last date of submission is June. 20th”? .

Sunil Vilas • Good morning Renee hope all is well with you.., Thank you for providing additional comments to members all very important points to avoid your entries to be jury by our panel of jurors. By submitting current material unable each entry to be score maximum points for efforts and to be mark according to your merits and also receive constructive comments to develop your work forward. Renee images you question have been replaced with larger size image.

Ps. Instruction to all jury most images are available to view as standard size with option to increase image to maximum size image simply click the box control on the bottom right corner

Mario & Amraoui this month’s theme is closed however if you have work that would fit our theme than urgent submit your artwork completing our online application form


Our next theme for July is “LOVE” submission starts from 1st of each month with closing date on the 24th of each month with exception arrangement extended to the 27th of the month allowing 10-12 days for the panel of jurors to complete their task.

If you have any further question, please feel free to raise them.., have a restful creative weekend.., GOOD LUCK to all the members taking part in our June “ELEMENTS” exhibition

Olga Pasechnikova

Olga Pasechnikova • Dear Sunil,
Have just tried to submit but didn’t find an option for uploading an image. Perhaps it resulting from my late date for that and, probably, I am really too late with this month submission..

Best regards.

Sunil Vilas • Olga thank you for completing your entry for our theme “ELEMENTS”, we have allowed entries to be accepted till closing date of today ., so your entry has already been confirmed with image downloaded from your website.., good luck!!!

If you like to also take part in our July show we request all members to start on 1st of the month closing date to be 24th July theme “LOVE”.

Renée Sigel

Renée Sigel • Thank you Sunil.

Sunil Vilas •  Amraoui  we have received your application kindly complete your entry by submitting your image of the artwork only current painting and one entry will be acceptable forward image to our email globalizationicas@gmail.com

Finally we need to close our “ELEMENTS” exhibition, all members wanting to participate join our JULY exhibition by submitting an application for “LOVE” theme


Sunil Vilas • Renee You’re welcome always a pleasure to meet our members and panel of jurors doing a wonderful job giving their valuable time for the greater good of members..,
Hope you are enjoying sunny weather in Switzerland, as it s here in the UK. It’s lovely way to start the July month hoping our summer this year will be weather to enjoy for all our artists to be working outdoors. Have a restful, chilling out weekend!!
BIG Hugs & kisses

Kevin Geary

Kevin Geary •  OK  Sunil, I just went online and filled out all the requited boxes to submit a work for July, for “Love” and then, I see, there’s absolutely no box to upload the image! So what’s up?
Everything is completed but there’s no place to submit the jpeg of the work! And it asks to submit, but if I haven’t uploaded the work and there’s no means of doing so, I don’t get it.
After you click submit, it asks me to upload my work now, but where? How?
All sites have a box that you click and that gives access to your hard-drive to upload a jpeg, but no such thing exists on your site. What’s going on?

Renée Sigel

Renée Sigel • thank you Sunil, my wishes for an excellent weekend likewise. I am not in Switzerland just yet. In the process of packing up.

Olga Pasechnikova 

Olga Pasechnikova • Thank you Sunil! Have already submitted to the Love theme. Best wishes!

Sunil Vilas •  Kevin and Olga we have your completed online form and thank you for downloading image on Facebook . Kevin as confirm earlier if you simple complete the process by submitting your image via email: Globalizationicas@gmail.com
Re: monthly theme exhibition “LOVE”
Enjoy a restful Sunday

Sunil Vilas • Renee thank you for your best wishes, all members of GICAS and I wish you happy move and hope that you settled down soon.
Enjoy a happy restful Sunday.

Also wishes all the members of GICAS a pleasant restful weekend. Hope the weather for you’ll has been a warm welcoming July weather to look forward. See you all in our creative lounge to hear of all the exciting events and activities that you can share with all the members

Kevin Geary 

Kevin Geary • Dear Sunil, I will send the image via email. Thanks.

Sunil Vilas

Sunil Vilas • Kevin thank you your application is completed with your image. Good luck!!!

Ruth Edward Anderson 

Ruth Edward Anderson • I read Renee Sigil’s comment. Got me worried if my submission was made in 2012 or 2013. When I checked the date I found I had made it in 2012. Therefore I shouldn’t have submitted. Sorry for this mistake will never happen again. Fell free to delete my submission “Then Everything Changed”. I love this site & do not want to break the rules. Please forgive me!

Sunil Vilas • Ruth good morning in the spirit of participating we will except your entry as with few others but in future we will decline entry that do not meet the rules.

All entry have to be completed filling all the details on our online application form first than completing the entry to download a good size image on our Facebook page as per link.. If you do not have a Facebook page we will allow image submission via email to Globalizationicas@gmail.com

The purpose of the form is that it request all the information necessary to fully participate in our monthly theme exhibitions. Good luck!!!

Edgar Plaute 

Edgar Plaute • … good morning Sunil … I hope you had a good weekend like me and my wife … we had fine weather since many weeks and weekends …

… I understand your problems very good … once upon a time I also had to think commercially in my professional life … very often to the chagrin and disadvantage of my subordinates …

… I also had to look for “good” solutions … but is it a good solution when I load the counterpart on the shoulders my own problems? … today I know that’s not very fair … I have no trouble keeping my mind and I will continue to keep me in mind … I promise you … but to me it does not matter that the art market makes a good deal or not … we should and want to paint, free from constraints of the dealers …

… this reminds me of a remarkable word play  … we distinguish in my mother tongue very precisely between “Händler” and “dealer” … a “Händler” sells clothes, cars, food and pictures … a “dealer” sells drugs …

Servus aus Österreich

Kevin Geary 

Kevin Geary • Thanks Sunil.

Sunil Vilas • Good morning Edgar thank you for your kind words.., yes I had a lovely restful weekend with the family including our new family made of all the member of GICAS. I had news from Peter that Laara was not well, therefore during my meditation program had her and all members in my thoughts. I decided to surprise her by calling her on Sunday and she was overwhelmed and very pleased to hear from me. She said she’ll be back next month and apologise to everyone that she could not make it to complete her task as a juror this month. I know she’ll be greatly missed by us all, so if we could have her in our mind, she’ll be back very soon…,

It is lovely to witness the positive excitement and the pleasure it brings to each and every member both those that are actively participating each month and the one’s that are waiting to be involved, including the panel of jurors who’s task is not made easy as one month finishes their getting ready to complete the next theme and at the same time remain unbiased. Every month we see the quality of monthly exhibition delivery high standard of work therefore makes all our efforts more rewarding.

Have a pleasant smiling creative week.., Look forward to reading all your lovely comments, poems or jokes that you would like to share with members

lucia gomez

Lucia Gomez –  Congratulations to all the winning artists and to all who participated as well!

Sunil Vilas  –  Bonjour Didier good to hear from you.., yes we had some more exciting work from our members this month and a good choice of selection of work from best of the show to all the other categories..,
Good morning to Edine, Pushkin and Lucia hope all is well with you all. Edine and Lucia we hope to see your entry for our forthcoming LOVE exhibition
Have a pleasant creative weekend

Pushkin EH

Pushkin EH  – Creativity is an outstanding human behaviour/activity. If one wants keep creativity more healthy, he/she should share it to the people unrestricted. Accessibility of art to every person is a precise thought and nothings will not be barriers against art’s free passage and experience a work of art in any forms should be considered as cultural. Noble promotions of art through an absolute manner like ‘ICAS monthly theme exhibitions’ will result a positive poise in artists’ life and recognition makes artists more bouncy, honoured and modest. I proudly consider the merit by ICAS, awarded to me as a beautiful approbation for my artistic career and am sure such recognition will make me more responsible and efficient. My sincere thanks to LinkedIn, Sunil Vilas, Vered Terry (for discussions) and all other participants and art critiques (especially to Boababpapers for writing about my work incredibly) for materializing ‘ELEMENTS’- a beautiful global art show. Thank you

Didier Dubuy

 Didier Dubuy –  Bonjour Sunil, bonjour à vous tous! From the viewer point of view that I am, the disclosure for each show is kind of a shock proceeded always by a certain excitement. First you get hit by the works immediately echoing your own sensitivity -quite natural- & you enrich it as you contemplate them. Second, you try to get the works that ask an effort from you for you’re facing the other, the “alter “, the different. Once caught the thread, a new door opens for you & you step in an unexpected space, brand new, adding the pleasure of a discovery to the one of recognition. I even wonder if it’s not a higher one.
Third, some works may resist sometimes & require time, maybe several submissions through shows. Then you go your footsteps back on & realize you might have missed something. Probably the most satisfying case for a viewer..
No push from me, but I think a regularly submit is rewarding on both sides considering the positive echo from the artists & from the jury as well. Thanks once again to all for making this nice event possible together. With wishes for a nice & inspiring summer break..



contact: SUNIL VILAS

email: sunilvilas@vilascollection.co.uk    or   globalizationicas@gmail.com

Globalization icas logo

ALL material on this website is protected copyrights reserved by Globalization ICAS  / Founder Sunil Vilas

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