May 2013 “CRISES”

May 25th  –  June 24th 2013

Welcome to Globalization ICAS monthly theme exhibition – CRISES, we are proud to showcase some of finest ART works completed by our members for their entry to our fifth exhibition . We welcome your feedback and comments or if you would like to take part in our future exhibitions.

To enjoy a complete presentation of artwork submitted by members of the group simply click the image to view larger image.

May crises1




contact: SUNIL VILAS

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May crises


BEST IN SHOW –   Merce Pla




BEST 2DWORK (PAINTING) –   Stephen kaldor 

MERIT AWARDS  2D WORK   –   Antonio Gambino,

Second –  Tali Neeman Sabo

Third. – Lloyd Knowles 

Thank you to all the panel of jurists – Laara, Renee, Renata, Lisa, and Peter  for completing an excellent job, the quality of work submitted every month is getting better and better. We had low entries for this month’ s theme exhibition but it is more about continuity and participation in a show that unable each artists to challenge themselves and working out of their comfort zone.  The theme of our exhibition was “ CRISES ” once again had contribution of work from members of Globalization ICAS around the Globe.

Each jury spend time looking at each entry to give an opinion and score marks on level of merits.., I hope all members who took part in our May theme exhibition will use their constructive, helpful comments to their advantages to develop their work and move  forward to seeing the progress of your Art!!!

Sunil Vilas

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These are some of the comments made by member to reflect upon the May theme exhibition “CRISES”.., What do you say? as we welcome comments and views from our Art readers and followers..,

antonino Gambino

Antonino Gambino • Un grazie a Peter, Laara e Renee.
Questa volta mi auguro di avervi reso il compito più semplice, l’immagine era buona e l’opera divertente. Grazie per il vostro lavoro e per i commenti. Saluti e buona giornata a tutti

Sunil Vilas • Good morning to you all hope you all had a pleasant restful inspiring weekend. Over here in UK on Sunday we celebrated Happy Father’s Day, it was lovely with my daughter cooking and son’s helping with the preparation of deserts and fruit cocktails all a family affair. Hope all the Father too had an exciting day to remember. Please feel free to share your experiences with us!!

Good to hear from Didier and Antonino thank you for your kind words to our panel of jury. I have been closely following the development of your work and appreciate your full dedication, love, skill and craftsmanship that you bring to our monthly theme exhibitions. You have also won the hearts of the panel of jurors constantly picking up awards keep up the good work..,

I welcome comments from other members, including feedback of how we could improve from here!!

Keep on “SMILING”

antonino Gambino

Antonino Gambino • Ciao Sunil, sono gioioso di sapere che hai celebrato “Il Felice giorno del Padre” con tutta la tu Famiglia, bellissimo. Sono contento che il mio lavoro ti piace e mi auguro di potere partecipare ancora. Tanti auguri e buona giornata


BEST IN SHOW – Merce Pla



BEST 2DWORK (PAINTING) – Stephen kaldor

MERIT AWARDS 2D WORK – Antonio Gambino,

Second – Tali Neeman Sabo

Third. – Lloyd Knowles

Thank you to all the panel of jurists – Laara, Renee, Renata, Lisa, and Peter for completing an excellent job, the quality of work submitted every month is getting better and better.

We had low entries for this month’ s theme exhibition but it is more about continuity and participation in a show that unable each artists to challenge themselves and working out of their comfort zone.

The theme of our exhibition was “ CRISES ” once again had contribution of work from members of Globalization ICAS around the Globe.

Each jury spend time looking at each entry to give an opinion and score marks on level of merits.., I hope all members who took part in our May theme exhibition will use their constructive, helpful comments to their advantages to develop their work and move forward to seeing the progress of your Art!!!

Didier Dubuy

Didier Dubuy • If a higher participation is expected, I confess I forgot about that point for I’ve been delighted by the works on display.. Like we say here; “Peu, mais bien!”. I know, I’m a fan..Probably the kind of guy if he once loved, loves for forever. Congrats everybody !

Herminia Haro

Herminia Haro • Congratulations to the winners! and a huge thank you to the Jurors. Their opinions are such a learning, thanks for ever.

Ruth Edward Anderson

Ruth Edward Anderson • Congrats to the Winner’s of the May competition all the artists who submitted are winners in my mind.
I am participating for the first time in June’s Elements. I see so many fantastic art being added that it will be interesting to see who wins. The juror’s will have a big, difficult job ahead of them.

Peter Filzmaier

Peter Filzmaier • As all the jurors give substantially of their time for scoring and most important provide comments that are insightful and constructive,

It is most beneficial that the jurors receive feedback that emphasizes that their efforts are having an impact on the exhibiting artists and visiting viewers of the exhibitions. Herminia, Ruth Antonio and Didier, thank you for your comments,

Ruth Edward Anderson

Ruth Edward Anderson • I can’t compliment the jurors enough for giving of their time to select a few artists from the competition Crisis. What a wondeful job you did & how difficult it must have been because I saw many that I thought could have been the winning entries. Do you have a set of guidelines or just go by gut feelling.

I’m looking forward to our new competition & I’ve entered one small piec it seems that in Crisis people were allowed to enter more than one 2D painting yet in Elements it clearly states only One 2D painting. I can understand why it was changed: way to many to look art & judge.

Big smile to all of you

Sunil Vilas • Welcome and Thank you to all our active members Antonino, Didier, Hermania, Ruth, Peter, Edgar, Mercia, Vered, and all members waiting to add their comments for our monthly theme exhibitions.

It is always a pleasure to follow the comments that we add in our Creative Lounge same time share with rest of the members that make frequent visits as and when time allows us. But please do not forget the main point is that this is a two way process that we can learn from each other. Feel free to ask questions to any of our regular members.

The panel of jurors have a endless task as soon as one exhibition is completed getting ready for the next exhibition to score marks on each work and also to provide their feedback in the process awarding merits for the Best category work same time remaining unbiased in completing their work so that each member could benefit from the process.

Therefore can I request each member that participated in our exhibitions going back to January to our current May “CRISES” kindly show your appreciation by acknowledging few words…, even to agree with comments that one would not normally not receive participating in other open exhibitions. Thank you for your co-operation.

Finally for all members waiting to take part in our forthcoming exhibition “ELEMENTS” complete their registering form online before our closing date of 24th June

Have a SMILING week!!!!

Peter Filzmaier

Peter Filzmaier • Hello Ruth, All entries are scored on ten criteria of artistic merit. The entries are scored to a maximum of ten points for each criteria resulting in a maximum score of 100 for each entry.

Then the scores from each juror for each entry are added together and divided by the number of jurors to get a mean score for each entry.

The Awards are based on highest scores. We use this method so that a very low or very high score by any one juror does not unduly influence the outcome. The result being the most objective scoring we can possibly achieve.

vered terry

Vered Terry • i guess we all have our favorites, getting to know who stands behind an artwork makes our eyes see how transparent the work is. They see the work, they automatically see referents from art history, they see your own story, and they see the artist, sometimes a friend with his biography as another very important layer. It seems impossible to remain “objective”, who can be objective in front of an artwork he loves of an artist he loves? This is how difficult I think the work of the critic is.

I appreciate and thank the jurors millions. I love to read their critiques, most of them. Many times it made me look again at an artwork seeing it with other broader eyes

But to score? I would not EVER be able to score.
I said more than once what I think about competitions (coming from combat –they are one step before war), but still – since each time the winner is one of us artists (and not for example – a politician) – I am happy.

antonino Gambino

Antonino Gambino • Buona giornata a tutti, qui a Palermo fà molto caldo non è il momento ideale per lavorare. Sono contento di partecipare ai temi del mese, ma come dicevo, la mia tecnica non mi permette di realizzare un’opera in un mese, quindi sono costretto a presentare opere non recenti. Il mio unico scopo è quello di far vivere, a chi guarda le mie opere, le stesse emozioni mie.

Condividere con loro le stesse tematiche che propongo e descrivo attraverso le didascalie che trascrivo sotto ogni opera. Un’opera oltre a rappresentare il “Bello” deve contenere un messaggio che faccia riflettere, almeno questo è quello che io tento di fare, se vi riesco stà a voi deciderlo. Per rispondere a Ruth, ho sempre partecipato donando delle mie opere a scopi umanitari, senza avere nulla in cambio. Qui se ho ben capito solo il 30% va alla fondazione. Un suggerimento a Sunil perchè non organizzare noi qualcosa di simile. La mia idea è questa, tutti noi artisti doniamo un’ opera, opere che poi verranno vendute tramite una delle Case d’Aste più conosciute al mondo.

La somma così realizzata sarà devoluta ad un Ente che sarà deciso da Papa Francesco(interpellato prima). Evento che in seguito si potrà proporre con scadenza annuale. Saluti da Antonino e da Palermo con i 35° di temperatura.

Peter Filzmaier

Peter Filzmaier • Hello Vered, Never say never, You may not do using numbers but I am sure you score your own work daily as a process of evolving.

I certainly agree with you when referring to competition in politics and might add I feel it is also analogous when referring to organized religions and denominations there of. People are always propagandised by one or the other in movement towards destruction. Individual freedom and spirituality are inherent in our beings and not the result of governments or religious organizations which compete with one another for control.

We as artists, free thinkers compete with ourselves first, knowing that the work we produce will always involve greater and lesser results. Our sense of competition reflects the ideal that we try to understand beauty, technique and originality and when we subject our work to the scrutiny of our peers it is not to find a winner or looser but to honor the triumph of the individual to be the best he or she can be and in so doing take away a benefit that helps us to progress our own work as artists.

Martha De Cunha Maluf-Burgman

Martha De Cunha Maluf-Burgman • Congratulations to winners, they all deserve the prices!

Sheera Betnag

Sheera Betnag • “Crisis ” Beautiful inspiring topic, de helplessness that of bird caught in cage …

The works of Lloyd Knowles,Nehri Soyels, and Merce Pla, are wonderful.

vered terry

Vered Terry • Hello Peter
Apology accepted.
I am kidding now. i cannot get the intonation through writing and I DON”T WANT to offend, i can never tell how serious one thing sounds by reading. I just wanted to thank you for the explanation – but as usual – everything gets complecated with me.
I still hold my indifference of competitions of any kind, perhaps if you put it as if we compete ourselves, ok…. perhaps… when I want to better myself – I would call it simply learning.
If we take the monthly exhibits for example, i love participating, i love to see my works next to others’ works, I like to try new things although I know oils and landscapes are in my nature and they are my best, still – the themes – they make me try otherwise, since I don’t really care for the scoring thing – I can feel free to try. i don’t care for the scoring thing until someone pronounces the winner –this makes me happy.
Generally I think to compete is quite a manly thing, women would cooperate more. I did not invent this idea, but I quite agree with it. it also has a lot to do with cultures. Some are more competitive than the others, very generally speaking. Yes, there are exceptions like in anything general you can think of.
thank you again
i think you are one of the kindest i met.

Peter Filzmaier

Peter Filzmaier • Oh Vered, I think of you as my sister and often out of concern write or say things that I think might motivate another perspective of things we tend to deem as undesirable.

I enter my work in a number of juried shows, not for the competition but for the quality of the venue to show / share my work. I am not adverse to scoring because I am indifferent to it as it is nothing more than a measure I can chose to accept or ignore depending on my estimation of the source. I do score my own work to give me a sense of my personal development.

Every time I see one of your new works, having a good visual memory, I tend to compare it to past works as I am keenly interested is seeing the development of the artist in you. I always look forward to that new image from you on face book and your comments in discussions on LinkedIn.

Ruth Edward Anderson

Ruth Edward Anderson  • Peter what a beautiful message to our Vered. I also think of her as my sister who lives so far away from me. I also enjoy what you write to her and it’s wonderful to know you think so highly of Vered’s beautiful scenics. I often look at one & went to just find a way to step into it where I’ll be able to totally relax.

vered terry

Vered Terry • You are too good, both of you



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