February 2013 monthly theme exhibition “Space ( Inner & Outer)”

monthly theme feb


Head of the Team – Peter Filzmaier – Florida,
Didier Dubuy – Paris;  Mercia Pla i Blage – Spain;  Lloyd Knowles – Provo, Utah area;  Benjamin Casiano – New York;  Herminia Haro – Peru;            John Stolzfus – Lebanon, Pennsylvania;  Johnny Johnston – San Antonio, Texas; and Jan Ejsymontt – Croatia

Advisers and
Language specialists:- 
Antonino Gambino – Italy; Pablio Hernadez – Orlano, Florida;  Vered Terry – Israel;   Edward de Jong – Scarborough. Canada  and Edgar Plaute – Austria

Our established International artists’ have kindly offered their services as panel of Jurist (and also available for support and advice to assist each member taking part in our monthly theme exhibition upon request)
1. Mon Youssef – Canada;
2. Laara Williamsen –
3. Peter Filzmaier – Florida;
4. Didier Dubuy – France

Announcing the Winners, for the show and for individual category

Congratulation to the following to be selected in the categories of :-

BEST IN SHOW   –    Donald Spencer

BEST REALISM     –   Vered Terry          Merit Award       

2nd.  –  Heatherbell Barlow

BEST SCULPTURE   –   Vinka Dekovic      Merit Award       

2nd.  – Merce Pla      3rd. –  Ivan Tirado

BEST EXPRESSIONISM  –  Antonio Gambino   Merit Award    

2nd. –  Edgar Plaute

BEST ABSTRACT   –   Donald Spencer           Merit Award    

2nd. –  Karen Edwards        3rd. –  Lucia Gomez

BEST PHOTO / DIGITAL  –   Terri Solman      Merit Award      

2nd. –  Lloyd Knowles    3rd. –  John Stoltzfus

Thank you to all the panel of jurists – Mona, Laara, Peter & Didier for completing an excellent fine job. We had total of 21 entries that covered many different styles, medium to complete video presentation covering the theme of “Space (Inner & Outer)” from members of Globalization ICAS around the Globe.

Each jury spend time looking at each entry to give an opinion and score marks on level of merits.., I hope all members who took part in our February theme exhibition will use their constructive and helpful comments to their advantages to develop their work forward to the next level!!! 

 Both Mona and Laara have extended their help and advise should you require this at anytime in the future..,

I look forward to following the development of your work in our future exhibitions organise throughout the year.

Sunil Vilas

Mona Youssef

Mona Youssef • Hello Sunil,
It has been a pleasure viewing and commenting on the artwork and working hand in hand with my fellow jury. If any of the participated artists request further consultation, please feel free to contact me.
One of my art quotes” If words were enough to express it, I would have not needed to paint it.” The rest of my quotes can be read and watched on this video; http://youtu.be/KP4x-tylye8
Stay inspired and my best wishes to all.

Laara WilliamSen

Laara WilliamSen • To Sunil, thank you for organizing the February monthly exhibition, to Peter thanks for coordinating it, to my fellow jurors, thanks for the time you have put into evaluating the artworks. And to the most important people of all…….A BIG THANK YOU to all of the artists for participating! I know it takes courage and belief in your artwork to submit to a competition and I want to say that this was a tough call as the art works all were unique and special in their own way. Just as each of you, the artists, are developing your own way of making marks, composing, and executing techniques. As Mona mentioned, “further consultation!” I like that and so if you also wish to communicate with me about your art or career you are most welcome to contact me! Best wishes to All!

Didier Dubuy

Didier Dubuy • I would like to thank as well all the artists who submitted to this second monthly show for the high quality of their works, Peter, for his absolute devotion to art sake & to his fellow artists, offering generously his time. I would to thank Mona & Laara as well for bringing their proficiency & their great kindness. Sunil, you have to be the last on this list for your organisational backing, your total support & inspiration to all.

monthly theme feb



contact: SUNIL VILAS

email: sunilvilas@vilascollection.co.uk

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2 Comments on “February 2013 monthly theme exhibition “Space ( Inner & Outer)””

  1. Congratulation to the winners. Beautiful works. Thank you Sunil, Didier, Laara, Mona, Peter …

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