October 2013 “FIGURATIVE”




Welcome to Globalization ICAS monthly theme exhibition – FIGURATIVE, we are proud to showcase some of finest ART works completed by our members for their entry to our tenth exhibition .

We welcome your feedback and comments or if you would like to take part in our future exhibitions.

To enjoy a complete presentation of artwork submitted by members of the group simply click the image to view larger image.


The MONA YOUSSEF – LEONARDO DA VINCI AWARDThe prestigious award for the month for painter in the category of Realism art. This award will be presented to the artist who continues to show high standard of work, develop his / her own style and master of their skills in the chosen medium and technique,  thereby become an inspiration to our future generation of new emerging artists.

I am honoured to be in a position to add yet another award to our list  that will be presented to GLOBALIZATION ICAS members participating in our monthly theme exhibitions. We are fortunate to have Internationally renowned artist’s Mona Youssef as a member of GICAS, who has been with us from the beginning. Over the past year Mona has been an active member of our organisation as one of the juror on the panel adding valuable constructive comments and completing her task by scoring each entry for our monthly theme exhibitions.  Recently in an exhibition at Chianciano Art Museum Binnale Italy 2013, Europe Mona was presented with Leonardo Award from over 500 artworks entries covering 30 Nations for her realism painting title: “Heart of Winter”.  I am delighted to choose this appropriate time to announce our NEW prestigious award that serve as two fold reminder to all who are presented with this award.  

It gives me great pleasure to confirm our first of many MONA YOUSSEF – LEONARDO DA VINCI AWARD for excellence to present to J.P. CANALE

Presenting the PLAUTE PICASSO AWARD to LESLEY OLDAKAR for being constant inspiration to all artists developing her own unique style and technique initially working bravely in mono tones, please to see the transition of gradual introduction of shades of vibrant colour tones to reflect her moods.., Recently taken an initiative to take part in a residency exhibition in China involving exchange workshops program, she took the challenge and I am pleased to see that has brought her fresh new changes and direction to her art. I look forward to following Lesley’s work as she also joins our list of Globalization ICAS artists to be part of our groups showcase exhibitions throughout the year in 2014 at ICAS – Vilas Fine Art UK.,

Congratulation to you both Lesley Oldaker and J.P. Canale!!

BEST IN SHOW – Lesley Oldaker Title: “Shop till you drop”

BEST REALISM – J.P Canale Title:”Portrait”

REALISM MERIT AWARD – 2nd Tali Neeman Sabo

BEST EXPRESSIONISM – Lesley Oldakar   


3rd Pablo Hernandez

BEST ABSTRACT – Edgar Plaute    

ABSTRACT MERIT AWARD – 2nd Ora Sklar Ben Asher

3rd  Nina Tothtamin


MERIT AWARD – 2nd  Martha De Cuna Maluf-Bergman

Thank you to this month’s panel of jurors – Laara, Carole, Pri ya, Ranjan, Didier and Peter for completing an excellent job, we had submission of work from around the globe totalling of 21 entries.

Our successful story of our monthly theme exhibitions has taken  shape by rewarding artists – the Best in the show awards to be selected for our Globalization ICAS group artists exhibitions, an opportunity to join other members to showcase their work in our partnership art galleries program in 2014. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL..




contact: SUNIL VILAS

email: sunilvilas@vilascollection.co.uk or globalizationicas@gmail.com

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ALL material on this website is protected copyrights reserved by Globalization ICAS / Founder Sunil Vilas

ICAS – VILAS FINE ART 8-10 Leys Avenue, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire SG6 3EU England United Kingdom


3 Comments on “October 2013 “FIGURATIVE””

  1. Congratulations for all winners, Lesley Oldaker, J.P. Canale, Lesley Oldaker, Tali Neeman Sabo, Johnny Johnston, Pablo Hernandez, Edgar Plaute, I am happy for all of you and proud of you J.P. Canal. Keep on doing what you love, share with he world your feelings through your art to make the difference knowing that perfecting art is endless road.

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